Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Which I Beg for Impossible Things

Dear Time Travel Scientists,

Should you happen to visit 1985, please give this Playmobil Pyramid playset to seven-year-old me. This is around the time that my Egypt obsession had fully taken hold and I made a scale model of the Sphinx out of hot pink Play-Doh. And I accessorized my favorite blue sweatshirt with foil-printed Tutankhamun motif with hieroglyph print Keds. Clearly I needed this playset to keep me company because I certainly didn't make any friends dressed this way.

This may also prevent me from buying it as a gift for Stella, then refusing to let her touch it.

xoxo Jen

P.S. If you're feeling especially generous, I will also happily accept the ship and Sphinx.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Craft Talk!

Eventually I'll get around to posting pictures of things I've sewn or painted, but it seems I need to get the intimidating first post out the way.

So to anyone who is ready this, since you are most likely a fellow craft-tastic lady, I'm dedicating this jam to you: