Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile, huh? Here's some of what I've been up to since I last posted:

In May, I signed up the for the Wardrobe Refashion Challenge for four months. While I found myself too busy to actually complete any sewing or refashioning projects - despite beginning several - I did (mostly) honor the "buy nothing new" portion. The one exception was buying a last-minute dress for an annual event my husband and I help organize for 130+ nerd friends every June. At that point, my options were losing my mind completely trying to finish a refashion inspired by this Madeleine Vionnet dress or begrudgingly coughing up $35 for something adequate from H&M.

I may have required a Get Out of Jail Free card during my pledge, but I can honestly say that taking part even as minimally as I did has made a lasting impression. I've since asked to be removed from the mailing lists for the majority of the catalogs I used to receive. It's much easier to resist the siren call of consumerism when I'm not constantly bombarded by it. The Anthropologie catalogs that not too long ago left me feeling want-y now only inspire me to create my own iterations or restyle what I already have.

The boy and I observed our eight years of marriage by ignoring our actual anniversary in favor of celebrating with the aforementioned 130+ nerds in Marina del Rey. Best decision!

The one picture of me (at left) in my pledge-breaking dress is dorky, but at least I'm with one of my favorite people ever, motherhoodlum.

The kidlets and I visited my mom in Cave Creek before Stella started kindergarten in September. She had been so eager to finally go to school that I thought she might explode if we didn't get her into a classroom soon.
Explosive excitement!

I'm fortunate to have a schedule that allows time to volunteer in Stella's classroom, and it has been fun getting to know her teacher and her classmates. Violet tags along most of the time and is convinced that Stella's class is actually hers.

More on the rest of 2010 to follow. A certain sleepy beastie needs to go to bed.